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Digital course

How to drive leads ? Start with customer persona

The needs of contemporary consumers are changing at an increasingly rapid pace, new methodologies …

Digital course

The challenger approach – 5 steps to mastering digital B2B marketing

In today's dynamic digital age, the majority of your customers' buying journey is complete …

Digital course

3 tips to win over millennial B2B buyers

Today 73% of Millennials are involved in B2B purchasing decisions. But most sales teams …

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The Role of Business to Business Marketers in the Digital Age

The Internet has fundamentally changed people’s lives, and there is no doubt the Internet …

Digital course

How do our B2B customers behave in the new digital marketing era?

In digital marketing we cannot separate strategies focused on B2B or B2C. New digital …

Digital course

How to turn customers into online brand ambassadors

You often hear the argument “Social media is for B2C companies. It’s just another …