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How blogging will make your web really interesting

If you wish to succeed in content marketing, you must know what and where to say it. Use the five simple methods listed below to increase your brand awareness, audience outreach and visibility in the global online space.

  1. Focus on your target group’s needs

The first thing you need to do – define your target audience. Then think what information they need to succeed in their daily business. Do not use your content just to promote yourself. Think about your customer and how to do better if you want to help him/her.

Create a post or a video to share your experience and teach your viewers some new skills. This helps to create and cultivate an image of yourself as an influencer in your field of activity.

When thinking about ideas for content marketing, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there any topics I am an expert at?
  • What is the best way to spread my knowledge? Through emails, a podcast, a slideshow, photos, infographics, videos, or something else entirely?
  • How can I make my content accessible to a wider audience? Add a video or upload a photo for people who tend to perceive information more readily when presented with graphics.
  1. Team up with other influencers

Decide which type of content you want to publish. It is better to look for other influences in your field with readers you can benefit from. Offer a useful content for some great influencers, propose an exchange of links to them. This will create a positive feedback loop and benefit search engine optimization (SEO) of your personal brand.

Besides, you will be promoting this blog using your website and networking, mailing lists and social media. All these actions are of interest to both you and the other blogger. Posting your content and providing free advertising, you receive a recommendation from influencers in your industry and attract new audiences.

  1. Invite a guest blogger

Just allow an influencer to post high-quality content on your website. Your website becomes more interesting source of useful information, which will attract visitors and generate traffic. Meanwhile, the guest blogger will most likely share your post using his connections, which will lead to you getting a larger audience for your website.

You can also use guest-posted content to promote your own content. Remember: promoting your personal brand is not the ultimate goal of guest posting. It is more like a form of brand promotion with the use of up-to-date and non-intrusive (promotional) provision of useful information. An easy way to achieve this is using widgets intended for displaying relevant links at the bottom of an article or a video posted on your website. You can also include a “More on this topic” link and set up a convenient method of sharing the information using social media.

Content marketing is a waste of time if nobody actually sees your content. It is recommended to use paid advertising to increase audience outreach, this form of promotion should not be too expensive. Save your time and money by using free social media to showcase your content to a more targeted group of consumers.

  1. Update frequently

A study performed by HubSpot has shown that companies that publish at least 16 blog posts a month receive three and a half times more traffic compared to companies that publish 4 blog posts a month or less.

If you are still trying to find an optimal content rhythm for yourself, start slowly. However, you should always strive for a consistently high posting frequency.

Your content should not be directed towards yourself, it should be working to generate a positive image for your brand. This can be achieved by linking the “About me” page using a hyperlink mentioning the author’s name so people could learn more about you and do business with you if they like your content. You could also add a “call to action” phrase at the bottom of the page, thus prompting the reader to contact you.

  1. Spread the word

In order to spread your message, you must make sure to be present in the same social media as your target audience. Content related to personal branding will most likely be useful on sites related to professional activities (for example LinkedIn), while journalists turn their attention to Twitter.

When promoting your content, use keywords and “call to action” phrases in order to prompt anyone who sees the post to perform useful actions. Use your posts to encourage discussions by retaining the readers and asking questions.

After you have successfully structured your relationships with other bloggers, share your posts with them if the topic is interesting to their audience. A successful content marketing strategy is based on how interesting you are to your target audience and how much they (i.e. the members of the audience) trust you.

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