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12 winning tactics to boost brand awareness through web and social media

There is not one, golden rule on how to make your brand well-known to media, potential customers or future employees. You need a comprehensive strategic plan with a good balance of many different factors that drive brand awareness. Here are 12 tips and tricks how to boost your website and social channels.

Let’s start with how your company can be found online. You can build awareness via SEO/SEM for customers to reach your website:

  • Organic search means that websites have earned the ranking based on content and relevance. Important is to have a well optimized SEO.  We can also see that 90% of all clicks are via organic searches and the rest is via paid search results. These websites are building more trust then paid promotion. Down side with organic search, even if you produce high rank content and attract an audience, is it might take longer time to see result.
  • Organic mention has a third party involvement such as ambassadors that are sharing, linking or reviewing. Possibilities can also be when non-competition brands are taking benefit of each other in social media such as mention each other; on twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
  • Paid promotion is a tactic when companies pay to promote their business. AdWords is the most popular paid promotion. You are paying access to your audience, for example you can pay Google to take part of their search engine that is used daily by potential customers.
    Positive with paid promotion is you can see the result directly, due to the measurements figures. That means you can calculate the return on your investment. The cost is depending on how popular the search words are an unfortunately this can be very expensive.

To optimize even more, look into these additional tips:

  • Check your competition! Where is your competition posting? If you don’t see them you might be on the wrong place. Pick the channels best suited for your brand.
  • Create compelling content and make sure you have the right >> variety of types of content since a certain type of content can give a huge organic search. A study made by Socialbakers present the highest organic reach on Facebook is video (
  • Stimulate e-WOM (Electronic Word-of-mouth) can be a big advantage for gaining trust. It gives a huge benefit of having a social media presence that can influence and bloggers who can spread the e-WOM.
  • Your timing could be very crucial. See this example of a sunglasses manufacturer giving sunglasses to the persons involved in a mining accident. As the news was spread around the world so was also the brand:
  • Internal communication across the organization is important to engage employees on promote the brand awareness to their network. Especially the top managers should support and be present in social media.
  • Monitoring and listening to get to know your audience. What is in the pipeline, what is everyone talking about in your specific brand area? If you know your target group you can maximize the search.
  • Right places to publish, do not be afraid to ask the target groups what channels they prefer. Not everyone is using the same channel.
  • Find a balance between the content and advertisement. Make sure it is more useful content then advertising, this attracts people to stay longer.
  • Familiarize yourself with Google result page. Work with on-page SEO, title tags, high time on site. Try to post during slow time to make sure you are not one in the crowd. To find the slow time visit, Quick Sprout.

How to choose?

So there are a lot of ways to promote your brand awareness, but which ones should your company use? Should the company be present in all the different popular social media? And do we even have time to maintain them all?

Get to know your customers and measure everything you do so you can make informed choices on what works and what does not. Try different ideas and test them, and then make strategic choices based on that.

Case study: Epiroc, a brand new brand

In January 2017, Atlas Copco announced a proposed split of the Group into two listed companies, where Epiroc will include the existing Mining and Rock Excavation Technique business area and the Hydraulic Attachment Tools division with related service operations. Since then, the Epiroc team has worked intensely to create awareness of the new brand. Here, Sofie Gielen, Communication and Branding manager Epiroc, shares her experiences of building brand awareness from start.

  • How do you use social media to reach out to external customers with the new Epiroc brand? How do you select the online channels?  

Our main rule is: less is more. We need to create transparency for our customers, and not confusion. Therefore we limit the amount of accounts that are externally visible: the main accounts (including local countries), where needed market segment accounts if customers need specific information on their segments/products. We combine service and consumables with the relevant product accounts. The new setup definitely pays off for our new brand Epiroc, with already 142k followers on the corporate account. This makes us stand out from any other new brand.

  • Which channels do you believe is the most important to build the Epiroc brand awareness?

Facebook: Mining is a relationship driven business with a lot of passionate people that are proud of their equipment and work. In that aspect, blending in with the personal life is feeding the passion and the pride of our customers who are happy to share their pictures on their equipment. Instagram is a great platform for user-generated content since it puts a lot of emphasis on visuals. With user-generated content we build pride and trust and we encourage our customers to be the ambassadors of our brand by posting more photos of our solutions. And of course there is LinkedIn for recruitment and professional networking.

  • Any suggestions how to handle the internal communicate across the organization to boost the brand? 

Going through all the changes from becoming a new company and an new brand it is good to have everybody aligned, understand the common goals and have an open communication network as well. Having our own people on board and enthusiastic is the best promotion. On our social media channels, we collaborate pretty closely to have one common agenda and a common message.

  • Tips to build trust and long relationship in a brand?

Opting for a good mix between quantity and quality: convincing by numbers and good messages/interaction. Being honest and accurate, daring to show your uniqueness as a brand and as a company. We build upon 145 years of Atlas Copco history, while adding a bold new drive and agility.

Have a clear view on your own brand personality, so you can communicate consistent messaging; repeat the message over and over again so it sinks in. Be loyal to your own message and brand.


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