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Jonas Holmdahl

Communications & eCommerce Business Partner and Piston Product Manager

Latest post
Social media content creation strategy, control it or guide it?
Lucas Lamoza

Collaboration Coordinator - Oil Free Air

Latest post
4 Steps to use customer's voice in your favour and reach potential buyers
Eric McCahill

Marketing Communications Specialist

Latest post
Building awareness: SEO and Online Advertising
Fernanda Curcio

Web Manager – Power Technique Business Area

Latest post
Website's user experience - These 3 tools can help you improve
Aimorn Maneekhao

Marketing Communication Specialist

Latest post
Big Data- Complex yet powerful
Olivia Gambin

Divisional Communications Manager - Atlas Copco Specialty Rental Division

Latest post
Why should B2B companies have a company blog?
Alexander Bricourt

Product Marketing Manager

Latest post
How do our B2B customers behave in the new digital marketing era?
Hui Hu

Communication Coordinator

Latest post
4 Steps to Drive Your Business
Gabriela Miron

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Latest post
Social media: your brand, your reputation and how to safeguard them
Stefanie Hess

Marketing Communication Manager - Desoutter Tools Central Europe

Latest post
5 tips to involve employees in social media marketing
Ricardo Pires

Digital Communication and Social Media Manager Atlas Copco Canada

Latest post
Generate sales in B2B using Digital Marketing channels
Anna-Karin Rabe

Editor-in-Chief, Corporate Communications

Latest post
Tell it like it is – How co-created storytelling can build your brand in social media
Jacky Van Den Broek

SAP functional analyst marketing and sales

Latest post
Can your B2B marketing strategy answer these 5+1 burning questions?
Patrick Kessler

Divisional Marketing Communications Manager, Gas and Process

Latest post
The challenger approach – 5 steps to mastering digital B2B marketing
Vivien Guillaume

Graphic Designer & Communication Assistant

Latest post
Word-Of-Mouth: Build or crash notoriety and reputation
Julie Simpson

Internal Communication and Change Manager, Vacuum Technique Business Area

Latest post
5 ways Big Data can improve your marketing strategy
Lusiana Bloemen

Business Tools Coordinator

Latest post
Branding in a digital age
Kim Ngan Nguyen

Internal Communications Industrial Technique Business Area

Latest post
How to turn customers into online brand ambassadors
Chandana Mungre

Assistant Manager Communications- Brand Studio

Latest post
Marketing or Communication: What has Internet really changed?
Tiara Dewi

Communications Manager - Epiroc Indonesia

Latest post
How Social Media Creates the Effectiveness of Buying Process?
Gina Bismpiki

Regional Marketing & Communications Manager CT SEE

Latest post
Marketing becomes Interactive: Consumers have the power!
Shalini Sharma

Head – Corporate Communications, Atlas Copco India

Latest post
7 steps to a social media plan that works
Lucy Welsby

Marketing and Communications Manager

Latest post
The Digital Marketing Age, a brand new game?
Fredrik Alund

Business Line Manager Power Technique Nordic

Latest post
Marketing in the WEB2.0 world
Maximiliano Bunse

Business Intelligence & Sales Support, Compressor Technique

Latest post
Take the advantage with Behavioral Big Data
Calum Urquhart

Global Business Manager – Energy

Latest post
Traditional Marketing vs Internet Marketing – are they really competitors?
Chiau Qiao

Communication Manager

Latest post
How to drive leads ? Start with customer persona
David Fitzgerald

Social Media Manager

Latest post
Social media is maybe not what you think
Nadine Legrand

Communications Officer

Latest post
Six tips to master your social media strategy
Antoniya Bodurova

Compressor Technique Sales Administrator

Latest post
Four Fresh Digital Marketing Tips That Will Give Your Business Life in 2018
Marie Sjostrand

Business System Manager - Hydraulic Attachment Tools division

Latest post
12 winning tactics to boost brand awareness through web and social media
Sophie Declercq

Communications coordinator

Latest post
3 tips to win over millennial B2B buyers
Tanyaluk Sirinarongchai

Communication Specialist

Latest post
How to address the emerging needs for real-time information?
Maher Khouly

Regional Business Development Manager

Latest post
Facebook´s new newsfeed algorithm and its implications for B2B companies
Tarcila Shinno

Communications Manager – Power Technique Latin America

Latest post
All you need is Social Media… but it begins with Advocacy
Kevin Schoeters

Communication Coordinator

Latest post
3 Tips to generate more digital word-of-mouth (WOM)
Olga Selivanova

Communication manager

Latest post
How blogging will make your web really interesting
Qiqi Zhang

Communication Specialist - Power Technique

Latest post
The Role of Business to Business Marketers in the Digital Age
Sandra Gronberg

Market Communication Assistant

Latest post
Marketing goes live - not so scary if we come well prepared
Dias Nastasia

Communications Manager for Southeast Asia Holding

Latest post
How content marketing and online network can boost your sales?
Dorothee Dorsch

Communications Manager Brand Portfolio DACH & Pneumatech EU

Latest post
Digital Marketing – How to successfully build and maintain a Brand in Times of i-branding