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Welcome to our brand new blog! In this first phase of this blog all content is written by our own employees sharing their insights form the Online Marketing Principles and Management course we are running in cooperation with Lund University.

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5 tips to involve employees in social media marketing

Nowadays social media are a normal way to work and communicate with. In today’s …

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Social media: your brand, your reputation and how to safeguard them

Social media has emerged as a new marketing arena, forcing its way into the …

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7 steps to a social media plan that works

Social media lies at the core of online marketing and networking in today’s digital …

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Word-Of-Mouth: Build or crash notoriety and reputation

In this article, we will try to explain the concept of word-of-mouth, its evolution …

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All you need is Social Media… but it begins with Advocacy

We all talk about Social Media today, but do we really consider what is …

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4 Steps to use customer’s voice in your favour and reach potential buyers

Why should B2B marketers consider User Generated Content (UGC) in their online marketing strategy?

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Storytelling in Social Media – Applying the “Improv” Method

As digital marketing and social media strategies continue to evolve alongside consumer behaviors and …

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Marketing in the WEB2.0 world

The evolution of consumer’s power over producers and products has dramatically changed, and the …