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Welcome to our brand new blog! In this first phase of this blog all content is written by our own employees sharing their insights form the Online Marketing Principles and Management course we are running in cooperation with Lund University.

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5 ways Big Data can improve your marketing strategy

Big data is big news and it’s changing the world around us at an …

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Building awareness: SEO and Online Advertising

Author: Jonas Holmdahl When considering online advertising and SEO, it is important to remember …

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Big Data- Complex yet powerful

What do you think, the Big Data are complex powerful?

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12 winning tactics to boost brand awareness through web and social media

There is not one, golden rule on how to make your brand well-known to …

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Website’s user experience – These 3 tools can help you improve

Delivering an optimal user experience is key to a successful website. But how to …

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Take the advantage with Behavioral Big Data

This article sheds light on the advantages available to B2B companies when it comes …

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Facebook´s new newsfeed algorithm and its implications for B2B companies

Mark Zuckerberg announced a new algorithm for Facebook that will influence the likeliness that …

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Why should B2B companies have a company blog?

Why do only a few B2B companies have a company blog? What’s the real …